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MagRob is a remote-controlled, electrically driven vehicle with a system of permanent magnets producing the attraction force needed to move on ferromagnetic surfaces – such as ships’ hulls or industrial tanks. Usage of magnets, allows the vehicle to stay on the object even in the event of a power outage. Mounted lights, allows for work to be carried out in poor lighting conditions.

MagRob AC
- anti-corrosion, surface preparation

Removes damaged paint coatings with ultra-high pressure (UHP) water. Collected impurities are discharged into a vacuum container which allows for further utilization. In this way, work on the ship hulls over the waterline, can be done before the ship stops in dry dock. Two cameras – front and rear- continuously observe, record and archive performed work, and the classification system assess the condition of the surface after removing the damaged coatings. The vehicle is remotely controlled and positioning system allows to save the location of damage observed on the cleaned surface.

Standard equipment includes:

MagRob CL - cleaning

Removes bio-fouling with high pressure water. Collected impurities are discharged into the container and processed by multi-stage filtration using an automatic filter. The cleaning of ship hulls can take place in the port basin – both above and below the waterline – up to 10m – without fear of releasing the collected impurities into it. The filtering system returns the water used for cleaning in a condition that does not threaten the local flora and fauna. Cleaning takes place during loading/unloading of the unit, which significantly affects the time of the work performed. 

The vehicle is remotely controlled and has a positioning system, it does not require the assistance of a diver. 


Standard equipment includes: