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Rental of vehicles and measuring equipment

We have a fleet of ROV, ASV vehicles and magnetic robots, to rent independently or equipped with devices appropriate for a specific task:

The measuring devices rental is also possible independently.


Our engineering staff – thanks to experience and knowledge – can carry out from scratch projects of:


We perform pressure strength tests. We have a tank with a diameter of 400mm and a depth of 1000mm (pressure 3MPa – 30bar) for pressure testing of any devices and components. We can perform underwater tests in the test pool, inland waters and at sea.


Mobile diesel pump, with a wide range of accessories gives us ability to carry out tests using ultra-high pressure water up to 250MPa (2500bar) or high pressure up to 50MPa (500 bar) according to customer requirements. Following works can be carried out:

in underwater conditions as well.


Our programming team has unique skills to prepare applications that automate work related to underwater and surface robotics, extracting dangerous objects, imaging bottom of water bodies and processing data obtained during measurements. The software we have developed for the Jack-Up barge – stands for example of using the navigation and positioning system along with the guidance system for machines, which supports the process of extracting dangerous objects from the bottom of water reservoirs.


We run a specialized service of underwater vehicles and devices such as: